Sunday, August 29, 2010

Samsung Gravity-T

I purchased this phone a bit over a month ago now I think and am not quite sure what to make of it yet. The qwerty key board is nice but the top row can be difficult to use if you put it in a plastic case. I opted to stop using mine and haven't had much trouble since.

Now on to the touch screen. Half the time when I am trying to push on the "read text" button it will just move the little popup to a different location on the screen instead of opening the damn thing. Or if I am really lucky it will just switch the screen to a different one. There are times that I have to keep pressing the same button four or five times with the same pressure until it decides that I have actually want to read the text I just got.

Scrolling through your contacts list can be a pain also. When trying to do it by flicking your finger I find that it is near impossible to make it stop exactly where I want it to. I will try to make it stop only to make it scroll even faster in the opposite direction than I wanted it to. They give you a handy dandy tool to the right of the screen a little tab that you press and pull up or down and it takes you to the letter you stop on in your contacts. Though again I find it hard to stop on the letter I need.

On each of your three main screens that you can cycle through there is a dock to the left side. This is mean to be a quick way to choose applications to use or to drag and drop them onto the screen so that they are ready for use all the time. I do not put the apps on the main screens because I feel that it slows the phone down and I am not looking for that. The dock it self feels too cumbersome even for an individual that doesn't have very large fingers. Again I am having the same scrolling issues I have in the contacts list. It is much easier to just press the menu button between the call and end buttons on the phone itself to get to any applications you want.

The internet on this thing seems incredibly slow! A friend of mine has a Droid 2 I believe and it was much faster while browsing the same sites on the same connection taking turns between the two. I would not use this phone if you are looking to surf the net at a reasonable pace.

Also on many occasions I will hear that I have a voicemail without the phone ever actually ringing. I am not sure if that is my service provider or the phone itself. Another thing to look for.

While texting it is only rarely that I experience any lag while typing though I have had it happen. Usually it isn't so much of a problem as just an inconvenience waiting to make sure that your phone got everything you just typed out.

If you want a phone to do more than your run of the mill calling and texting I wouldn't recommend the Gravity-T.

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  1. Yeah it doesn't look like a great phone. I'll be looking for an Android based handset in the near future.