Sunday, August 29, 2010

Financial Aid can go to hell...

Sure it seems like a great thing till they decide to fuck around with it. Putting holds on your account because you got "over awarded" when the only reason that happened was their inability to allow your registration to happen in a timely manner. I had thought that going to a bigger university with a great reputation would have meant that things would roll smoothly enough that I wouldn't want to die from freaking out. But I suppose that was too much to ask.

Anyhow over the summer I took the first two semesters of Russian, in five weeks. It was a terrible plan and I spent between 30 and 40 hours a week on that one class. I went to the first day of second year first semester and realized that I would be spending a similar amount of time on that class and decided against it.  (Which is the other reason I do not have a full course load yet) So now I am dropping Russian as my major and returning to good old History.

In any case I have bored, probably no one, and shall now stop typing.

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